Illusions and images

The animation is the illusion of motion generated by the chain of static drawings that are rapidly introduced in succession. That is, the introduction of these set of drawings, which contain very minimal differences among each other in a very rapid motion/succession, say at the rate of about 24 pictures or frames per second, creates that illusion of movement, whichcauses the animation effect. If the action is not really rapid, it is not considered a ‘full’ or a ‘true’ animation effect.

Depending upon the type of drawings/images used and the medium used, like analog, digital etc. the animation can be classified into a number of different types of which, the 3D animation technique is quite popular and consistently most sought after too.

What is a 3D Animation technique?

In a 3D animation technique, the rapid movement of three-dimensional images or models is created in a digital environment. That is, with the help of computer software, right from the creation of drawings/models to the generation of motion illusion, everything is done so quickly and realistically by an able animator. Therefore, this technique is favored in the world of animation and a lot many movies these days are based on this.